Hi, I’m Louis.

I teach people how to make better financial decisions.

My grandad was my first inspiration to start learning about money and investments. He taught me from an early age the lessons of work hard, not wasting your money, investing in quality assets and reinvesting the income. He also showed me first hand that a first-generation immigrant could go from nothing to owning a business and being financially secure.

By the time I was 16 I had saved enough to start investing, this was 2005. I continued to save and reinvest every cent I could. I became fascinated with investments and the economy so decided to study Commerce and Economics, and to work in the Finance Industry.

Things were going fantastically, I was learning more and more about investing while the investments I has been purchasing for the past four years or so were performing well, all the way up until 2008… this is when I learned my first hard lesson in investing.

Once I graduated, I got straight into financial services and haven’t regretted a day since. Looking back on what I have learned to date (with plenty more to come), the university degrees taught me what I needed to know, but nothing about how to actually do it. The informal education from my grandad was what showed me how to apply these principles in the real world.

The saying “knowledge is power” is great and all, but it is nothing without being able to apply your knowledge. I want to be able to give you both the knowledge and the practical learning by stepping you through actionable steps towards being financially independent.

This course is designed to combine the wisdom of my grandad, my knowledge from University, and the practical understanding I have gained in Financial Services and investing personally. Think of all three elements as your ‘one stop shop’ to gaining financial independence.

Creating the Course

Early on when I was advising I noticed a common trend; most Australians do not receive the same education on finances I was lucky to experience.

There is no formal education at any level of the schooling system that teaches you about your personal finances or investing. Unless you have someone in your life to help, you are unlikely to ever receive an education in this area.

We will all encounter money at some point in our lives or pay taxes, so why not learn everything you can to help maximise the former and minimise the latter?

I started off wanting to help people with exactly that through working in financial services. Advising was great in helping individuals from day to do however a few people a week was really just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the Australian population.

To reach greater numbers, I decided to start teaching the basics of what I do, so that people could do it themselves. After contacting a Community Education provider, we arranged for them to introduce a Personal Finance course to the class list which I would teach.

This was going very well, however still limited to area and times people could make it (7 p.m. on a Wednesday). Then came my light bulb moment; put the course online!

Not only would this give access to anyone wanting to take the course, it gave unlimited scope on what content I could include. Essentially, now I could create a platform with everything you will need to know how the economy and how your personal wealth can be built in one location.

Learn Finance

Set your goals

build a plan

Create financial independence


Define your goals, and increase your knowledge, and get the practical skills so you can start making better financial choices.
Your future self will thank you.

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